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Are you looking to get your spey rod set up with the correct lines, learn to cast, or just improve your cast? Set up a time to meet up with us here.



Fred Krowchenko and Jerry Jahn are two of the old timers in the New England fly fishing community.


We always had a knowledge of each other and about 6 years ago began a conversation on Spey casting. With that common bond we began practicing casting and sharing rods, lines and techniques. The informal sessions on the local rivers grew and we decided to form a venture to teach Spey casting to others interested in the techniques. Our classes are limited to 4 students maximum, with two or three instructors. This give us time to work with a student and understand their needs on an individual basis. Our main objective is to pass on the fishing knowledge to younger people in the sport we have enjoyed for so many years.


Jerry has been fishing for Atlantic Salmon for over 30 years and 25 of them has been with the two handed spey rod. He began on the Penobscot River in Maine and the Miramichi River in New Brunswick. In that time we did not have books, DVD's or instruction on how to cast or set up lines. They used DT lines imported from Europe and cut up lines for their needs.  The rods were very long and slow action in comparison to todays equipment. Jerry is an excellent caster of single hand and two hand rods, his enthusiasm is infectious and very well received by all of our students. He is focused on getting the student to understand Spey casting and only pleased when they have success.


Fred is the technical element of the group, he enjoys the details of rod design and line tapers and will explore any new equipment on the market. He began experimenting with Spey rods over 20 years ago and really began to understand the casting in a three day class in 1998 with Jim Vincent and Simon Gawesworth of Rio Products.  Simon and Fred have remained in contact over the years and Rio fly lines is a sponsor of SCNE. If you want charts, diagrams and technical details of casting, lines and leaders, this is his specialty.









Better late than never! Long over due thank you to two Pros. I need to improve and dial in myself and three rods prior to a BC steelhead trip. Knowledgable, kind, funny and generous gentlemen. You fellas are the Best!

Bill Harper