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Scandi or Scandinavian Lines -  Most of North America followed the UK in Spey Casting techniques while in Northern Europe the Scandinavians were perfecting a system of short heads, shooting  lines and shorter fast action rods.  These lines were make in floating and various sinking rates.  In about 1997-98 Goran Andersson of Loop Tackle in Sweden worked with Sage to develop faster action spey rods suitable for the Scandi Underhand Casting  technique.  The best known rod was an unheard of 12’4” 8wt which was considered ultra-light for N.A. standards.  In the mid 2000’s Scandi lines became very popular in North America.

Scandi Lines  typically have long thin front tapers and use long mono leaders or specialty leaders with tapers (Versitip and Polyleaders).  Scandi sinking lines were introduced by Rio however, did not sell and are discontinued.  Floating and Intermediate Scandi lines are available from Rio, Airflo and Scientific Anglers.


Hats off to Jerry Jahn

What a wonderful, valuable and exciting time it was today with Jerry. He is truly a master caster but also a master instructor!

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