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Skagit Lines – Winter Steelhead fishing in WA state, high water flows and flys with heavy weight and larger size.  Rio made DT lines in 12, 14, 16 & 18 sizes which were cut up by FF to make custom heads with fast sinking tips.  Jim Vincent made up the first Skagit lines in the about 2002-2004 which were 27ft long heads designed to cast heavy sinking tips and very large flys. 
Skagit lines are like a garden hose with very short tapers front and rear and must be used with a tip.  The tips are floating, intermediate or sinking.  All of the line manuf. today offer Tungsten coated mono line which the FF cuts up into short lengths with a loop.  Typically 2ft, 4ft, 6ft, 8ft and 10ft are made from a 30ft coil of T-8,T-11, T14, T-17 and T-20 (grains per foot).   MOW Tips are a Rio product which incorporates a standard 10ft length over all with tip of 2.5ft and floating 7.5ft, tip 5ft floating 5ft, etc.  Scientific Anglers makes integral short sinking tips in some of their Skagit lines.
Salt water spey casters are now using Skagit lines from Airflo and S.A. which are intermediate and when combined with the intermediate shooting/running lines work very well.  In addition, two hand over head casting is very popular with these lines in the salt.  


If it wasn't for Jerry and Fred I would probably still be using the wrong line on my rod and still be working harder than needed. I am now so much more efficient and truly enjoy casting spey lines for Steelhead. On top of that the...

Todd Kuhrt